Saturday, January 26, 2008

1985 Tour of the Unknown Coast

Date: Sunday, May 19th

Start Location: Rio Dell

Director: St. Bernard's Parent Teacher Organization

Top Finishers:

1. Jim Allen, 5:01 (New Course Record)

For complete results click on the article below published in the Times-Standard, May 28, 1985, page 17.

Times-Standard article, “Challenge Ride is a fun distance race” by Jody Lawlor, North Coast Cycling column, May 5, 1985, page 14. Click on article for a larger version

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Anonymous said...

I had the sixth fastest time that year, woo hoo!

I was riding by myself out on the coast, when I saw another rider catching up. He as probably in his forties, very fit and serious looking. I didn't bother trying to hold him off, but looked forward to trading places with him breaking the wind down the coast stretch. He never said a word to me, and seemed to have no interest in trading off. So I just rode in his draft. I heard the musical note of a spoke breaking come from my back wheel. He did too, and he hammered it as I pulled over to take a look. I realized I had a broken spoke, adjusted my brakes out, and jumped back on and kept riding. I guess he just wanted his time to be him against the clock, with no drafting. A 100 mile time trial.

I caught up to Bill Chesney and Steve Rhinefrank on the Wall. I knew both of these guys from previous rides. As we rode slowly along on the top of the Wall, an overweight woman cruised by us in a large seventies car, an old Impala or something similar. She was friendly and shouted out her open passenger side window "Go guys go!" Steve just got this disgusted look on his face (remember, we're well into a hard 100 mile ride at this point) and softly said "Shut up." I laughed, and since I was recovering from the climb, I began to push the pace, and left those guys behind. I think I had a pretty good time gap on them by Ferndale, but they worked together and were closing in on me by the finish.