Wednesday, January 30, 2008

1997 Tour of the Unknown Coast

Date: Sunday, May 11th, 1997
(This was the last year it was held on Mother's Day)
Start location: Humboldt County Fairgrounds, Ferndale
Number of riders: 1,650

Top Finishers
1. Jim Allen (46), Eureka, 4:57
2. Bob Beede (44), Arcata, 5:04
3. Mike Pigg
4. Andy Schaefer

1. Linda Roush (42), 6:16

Times-Standard article, “Allen, Roush shine at TUC” subtitle “Riders don’t get winded on ride” by Mike Branom, May 12, 1997, Pages C1 and C3.

Continued on Page C3.

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