Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tour of the Unknown Coast Patches

A tour tradition is a patch for every finisher. I'm missing pre-1980 patches (if they even existed). In 2004 a sticker was given out instead of a patch. If you have any of the missing patches I would love to borrow them to complete this post.

1980 Above

1981 Above

1982 Above

Thanks to David Andersen for many of the patches shown above, including the 1995 double, which he completed in 12:26:58! Thanks to Brian Claasen for '81, '82, '83,'84, '85, '87, '88, and '90. Thanks to Patrick Deenihan for '80 and for correctly identifying '81 and '82, which I had previously reversed. Thanks to John Dostal for '86 and '88 and thanks to Frank Onstine for '91!


Anonymous said...

If you haven't yet found out, there was no patch made for the '04 edition of TUC. Instead finishers were offered a sticker in the likeness of the traditional patches. Thankfully the decision to substitute patches for stickers was reversed in '05 and the patches have been back since. I have a sticker if you want one...

Alex Hayes
11 consecutive and counting!

Jim Robbins said...


Thanks for the comment. I did not know that a sticker was substituted in 2004.