Thursday, March 20, 2008

2008 Tour of the Unknown Coast

THE WALL, 2008 (Photo by Charles Minton)

Date: Saturday, May 10, 2008
Number of Riders: 1, 015
Tour Director: Vic Armijo

Top Finishers

1. Mike Taylor, 5:16:47
2. Henry Kramer, 5:25:18
3. Dave Figueiredo, 5:29:23
4. Jim Robbins, 5:31:06
5. Mark Cato, 5:33:19
6. Stephen Maluk, 5:34:35
7. Matt Schiff, 5:34:48
8. Ken House, 5:35:28
9. Carl Hesselein, 5:35:50
10. Lance Niles, 5:36:42

1. Pam Jennings, 6:05:41 (New Record)
2. Cindy Carroll, 6:09:06
3. Molly Schmelzle, 6:19:43
4. Sage Tauber, 6:20:11
5. Teri Kolder, 6:44:09
6. Beth Abels, 6:48:32
7. Diane Ostenso, 7:17:03
8. Janet Martinez, 7:35:48
9. Jade Wilcoxson, 7:57:45
10. Nicole Slaton, 8:07:00

The 2008 tour was one of the best to date with a great turnout and ideal weather. There was a total of 1,015 participants and 513 100-mile riders. Tour Director Vic Armijo told me that the 100-mile turnout was one the best in recent years, especially considering the rising cost of gas prices. The weather was clear and sunny with temperatures in the upper 50's to lower 60's. The most important variable was moderate winds along the beach that I would guess averaged around 15 MPH. All these factors would seem to add up to fast times, but the first 40 miles of the 100-mile ride were slow by usual standards. Once the lead group arrived at the base of Panther Gap the pace increased substantially and the large group broke up into several smaller groups. Mike Taylor took off at the bottom of the climb, similar to what Tinker Juarez did in 2007. Henry Kramer set a fast and consistent pace in the lead group behind Mike but we never saw him again. There was a strong group of women riders this year led by local Pam Jennings who set a new women's course record of 6:05.

Mike Taylor (Left) powers up the Wall. Henry Kramer (Right) leads the following group up the Wall. Click on the picture for a larger view. (Christina Russ Photography)

Wildflowers (Left) were abundant in this years tour. Pam Jennings (Right) climbs the Wall. (Christina Russ Photography)

2008 Tour Photos Available from Christina Russ Photography:

Check out the YouTube video produced by Justin Graves of Gravity Pirates:

Click on the poster for a larger view:

Eureka Reporter article, "Grueling local race set for today," by John Magers, May 10, 2008. Click on the article for a larger view.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for all of your work and research to put this together to document the history of this great event and to recognize those who have endured the challenge. Young or old, fast or slow, everyone who has finished the TUC surely shares the same sense of exhiliration at the finish line! It's so fun to see that captured here in your scrapbook.
~ Sage

Anonymous said...

It was another great event yesterday. The weather was good overall, with moderate headwinds along the beach. There were several interesting groups on the ride yesterday. One was the Green Wheels crew of HSU students, including some of my students. Another was the Grippers, a group of EHS class of '73 alumni whose group name refers to the old Horse Mountain rope tow.

As always, the roadway was rough, requiring constant attention, and taking its toll in generating pinch flats. I didn't see any big accidents, as in previous years. All in all a good tough day in the saddle.

Steve H.

Anonymous said...

That's such a beautiful ride. Simply awesome!

Jim: I think I was 6th, not 5th, since a dude in a yellow jersey who had been in our group all day went past me on the Endless Hill. So unless I went past him on the side of the road without noticing, he would have been 5th.

Sweet website!

-Steve Maluk

Jim Robbins said...

Thanks for the comments Steve. I believe Mark Cato from Redding Velo was 5th. I will post official results once I get them from the organizer.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog Jim. I want to add another TUC record that was set Saturday. Our tandem team set a 43:07 time on the 10-mile course. This was not the fastest time (we had to stop and look for bugs and eat a peanut butter sandwich) but is the fastest for a team with a 3-year-old stoker. And with that I throw down the gauntlet. Anyone try and top it!

Video on facebook:

John and Iris