Thursday, January 31, 2008

1981 Tour of the Unknown Coast

Date: Sunday, May 17, 1981
Start Location: Rio Dell
Number of Riders: 222
Director: Brian Burger

Youngest rider: Alfie Roberts (12) of Eureka, 12:17
Oldest rider: Jasper Davis (63), 8:35

Top Finishers

1. Jim Allen, 5:15 (Course Record)
1. Tom Allen, 5:15 (Course Record)
3. Bill Chesney, 5:46
4. Vincent Smith, 5:49
5. Randal Duprey, 5:57

1. Kathy Pierce, 8:12

Times-Standard article, "Bike tour on tap" May 14, 1981, page 14. Click on the article for a larger view.

Times-Standard article, "Allen brothers win Unknown Coast race" bu Neil Gilchrist, May 18, 1981, page 11. Click on the article for a larger view.

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claasen said...

I was one of the Claasen clan mentioned in the Times Standard article - my first, but not my last TUC. I missed the '92 Tour due to the earthquake and rescheduling. In '08 I rode the 50 on a tandem with my daughter and one other year, not sure which, I opted for the 50 (didn't train). I think that makes 26 times around the 100 mile course for me, six of those on tandem. This year I'm riding the metric with my 23 year old daughter again on our tandem. Back to the century next year!