Sunday, January 27, 2008

1990 Tour of the Unknown Coast

Date: Sunday, May 20th, 1990
Start Location: Ferndale
Director: Larry Tubbs

The route was again part of a stage race that featured riders such as Victor Dewees, Lance Armstrong, and Karl Maxon.

Top Finishers
1. Victor Dewees, Specialized Bike Gallery, 4:33:24 (Course Record)

Karl Maxon (Shaklee), Eureka native, finished 6th in 4:38:39. Lance Armstrong (Subaru Montgomery) finished 12th in 4:44:36. Jim Allen (Humboldt Cycling Club/Co-Op) finished 17th in 4:46:39 (Times-Standard, May 21, 1990, page 10).

Times-Standard article, “Tour of the Unknown Coast now one of regions legendary events” by Paul Stanley, May 13, 1990, page 10. Click on the article for a larger view.

Stage 1 Time Trial

Times-Standard article, "Maxon tears up time trial" by Mark Willett, May 18, 1990, page 21. Click on the article for a larger view.

Stage 2 Circuit Race
Times-Standard article, "Maxon retains cushion after 2 stages" by Mark Willett, May 19, 1990, page 17. Click on the article for a larger view.

Stage 3 Criterium
Times Standard article, "Caldwell grabs TUC lead" by Mark Willett, May 20, 1990, page 14 and 16. Click on the article for a larger view.

Stage 4 Tour of the Unknown Coast Road Race

Times-Standard article, “Dewees eases to TUC win” subtitle “Cyclist sets 100-mile record” by Mark Willett, May 21, 1990, page 9 and 10 including results on page 10. Click on the articles below for a larger view.

Here is the artwork from the 1990 t-shirt, thanks to Frank Onstine.


Anonymous said...

I remember Caldwell denouncing Maxon from the podium on the Arcata plaza. Karl is an old friend's older brother. My road bike is one of his old frames. But I've heard other things that indicated he could be a bit of a jerk. But I'm sure that's all in the past.
It's cool that you're posting this; it might be hard to convince people that Lance Armstrong really did do the TUC otherwise.

Anonymous said...

"It's cool that you're posting this; it might be hard to convince people that Lance Armstrong really did do the TUC otherwise."

I have to say, Yes! Lance rode this race..

As a 2nd year newbie-Pro, I was using this stage race as a stepping stone in my training for the USPRO championships as well as European racing. On the final day of the stage race, I remember Lance riding by me asking for my wheel... (Lance flated a mile or two back..) I guess in hindsight I should of stuck to his wheel as he caught the leader's... Oh well...

Cool website/Blog thanks for the memories...

statcxr said...

I remember that day well. My brother and I were living in Honeydew at the time, and were driving to Eureka via the TUC route in the late morning. Just after that little hill leaving Petrolia, near the stand of large eucalyptus trees on the right side of the road, we came upon a lone cyclist who was really struggling along. We pulled alongside him on his right and he told us he had flatted and and was trying to catch up to his buddies ahead. He then asked us to give him a tow. We said OK, and he grabbed the top of the driver's door. We sped up and towed him maybe a half mile, give or take. He let go when he was in reach of the lead group, but before anyone could see how he had got there. We continued on toward Ferndale, watching our guy rejoin the peloton in the rearview mirror and happy that we had helped him. We decided to stop at the top of the Wall at a spot after it hooks right, and from where you can look down and see six-mile along the beach. We saw the tiny specks get larger as they made their way to the base of the Wall. We watched as several riders went by, and waited for the last of that group to go by before driving on. The last rider was our guy, zigzagging like crazy up that last pitch, with a look of semi-agony on his face.

I remember the weather that day too. It was one of those overcast days with no wind to speak of, from any direction. So, it makes sense that an unknown rider from Oregon named Vic Dewees had the best day of his cycling career, by being in top form on a day that coincided with the TUC and no wind, in conquering the Unknown Coast with a ride whose time has not been matched for 19 years. AWESOME!

Does know what became of Mr. Dewees?

Jim Robbins said...

I'm not sure what became of Dewees, but he sure had a strong ride that day. I don't think that time will every be beat. Thanks for adding to the blog's comments