Sunday, January 27, 2008

1991 Tour of the Unknown Coast

Date: Sunday, May 12, 1991
Start Location: Portugese Hall, Ferndale
Number of riders: 1,005 (May 12th)
Director: Larry Tubbs

This year two separate rides were planned. The first was a "citizen" ride on Mother's Day and the second a stage race in August.

Top Finisher "Citizens" ride, May 12th
1. Mike Pigg, 4:53:12

Winner of the Tour of the Unknown Coast Race, August 18th
1. Karl Maxon (Saachs-Fila), 4:43

Times-Standard article, "Race has new format" by Mark Willett, page C1 and C2, March 13, 1991. Click on the article for a larger view.

Times-Standard article, “Pigg to lead citizens’ tour” by Mark Willett, May 9, 1991, C1 and C3. Click on the article for a larger view.

Kevin Hodge, training for Paris-Brest-Paris, finished 7th in 5:39 and then completed the loop again for a double century time of 12:28:34. Times-Standard article, “Twice the fun” May 14, 1991, page D1.

On Sunday, August 18, Karl Maxon, a Eureka native, won the final stage of the Co-Op Classic stage race covering the tour course in 4:43. Times-Standard article by Mark Willett, August 19, 1991, page D1 and D2. Click on the article for a larger view.

Here is the artwork from the 1991 t-shirt, thanks to Frank Onstine.

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Frank Onstine said...

Cold and drizzle this year, I about froze comming down from Panther Gap and couldn't get warm again for the rest of the ride. A few years later I rode the 2 day ride with Chico Velo. One of the Chico people lost it on a switch- back coming down into Honeydew and went riding off into thin air. No one saw this happen, at the campground a forelorn little pile of his gear remained unclaimed until way after dark. Finally, he came in, after crawling back up to the road some locals found him and gave him a ride, his bike was wrecked but he miraculously was uninjured